About Us

Picus straw bale choppers are marketed by Picus Ltd, owned and operated by Ludwig Bretzler. Production of the equipment is done by G Horst Enterprise (ghorstenterprise.com) on behalf of Picus Ltd.

The original Picus self propelled bedding chopper was designed and built in 2005 by Ludwig Bretzler from Bretzler Farms near Crysler ON for use on their own dairy farm. The Bretzler’s needed a large square bale chopper but because nothing similar was on the market they built their own. Due to considerable interest in the bale shredder Ludwig worked with Galen Horst to produce units for sale. Through this relationship more bale processor models have been developed, including a skid steer bale chopper. A round bale shedder has also been developed in a skid chopper or a self propelled model.